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DeviantArt is a great platform for networking! I have created a Portfolio to isolate the work I think is strongest and to highlight my skills.

Would it be better to keep my Cosplay Photographs on this account or create a new one just for my Cosplay (I also have a FB Page)? 

3 deviants said Yes: It's easier to follow one person rather than following two accounts.
2 deviants said Maybe: If you can upkepe it...wait you used to have a Stock Account?
No deviants said Yes: If the number of cosplays is few just upload the photos here.
No deviants said Yes: Especially if you are picky with the quality of costume and photo it won't be so overwhemling.
No deviants said Maybe: It depends if you are personally able to keep up two accounts, remember when you tried to do stock?
No deviants said No: If you are wanting serious feedback it's easier to upload them to a second account where the focus is purely on your cosplay.
No deviants said No: It's better to upload to a second account so you can also upload photographs of the costumes and props and talk about your creative process.
No deviants said No: I didn't even know you used to upload Cosplay Photos. Since when do you cosplay?
No deviants said Other: Answer if you also cosplay and have separate accounts.
No deviants said Other: Answer if you maintain 2 Deviant Art accounts and have feedback on how to do so effectively.




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United States
I am considering going into Hospitality/Food Service Management or Event Planning! Currently, I am a graduate of Augustana College with a Bachelors Degree in English Literature with a Creative Writing minor. I want to get a job in publishing

I also love music, the violin, reading, writing, collecting, sports, movies and television. I consider myself an amateur photographer and hope to flourish that skill as well as dapple in drawing!

To find me elsewhere follow the links below:




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The Mirror's Edge:

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deviantFeature III (2015): Leopold002

Thu Apr 16, 2015, 10:44 PM
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Geutentag Friends, Watchers+ and Deviants!

       Welcome to deviantFeature III for 2015! This journal series focuses on the artist, artist's process
    and their posted work on deviantArt!

        You can find the last feature for MicehellWDomination here:

        This week I am happy to present :devLeopol002:!  He is being honored for his loyalty, feedback and presence
in the process for the fanfiction project Adventures of Harriet Potter written by :devthe-mind-of-kliennak:
and created by littlebityamelie and Night-Miner (edited by myself H-A-Cooke  )!

        I hope you enjoy the writing and art he has created as much as I have!  Here is the talented:

Leopold002  (  :iconleopold002:  )

You can find his Gallery here:…


Leopold002  (  Leopold002  )

1. Give a brief 3-5 sentence description of yourself?

    Where to begin? As someone who's proud of his heritage, let me say I'm an Acadian (Canadian) who loves history,
    aliterature in general and all forms of fanfiction, especially crossovers.

2. What is the first event or book/movie/tv show you can remember that prompted you to
   create digital art?

    As I've loved writing for as long as I can remember, don't know how to answer. Let me think.

3. Who first prompted you to explore your interest in writing; and did you start with poetry or prose?

    Eighth grade English class. It was just before Christmas and the teacher had an assignment for the class. What does     Christmas mean to me? In my case, it was a poem, which literally wrote itself.

   4. Your focus is on Poetry and Prose. Do you prefer one over the other? If so, which one and why?

     I plan to explore both equally.

5. What would you say is your biggest source of Inspiration?

    Inspiration can come from literally anything. A movie, make it can AU; TV, your version of what you just saw;
    the meaning of Christmas; the meaning of the term Acadian (there's a lot of ground to cover.)

6. Do you prefer using the pen-to-paper method of writing? Or do you primarily use your tablet/computer/
lap top to write?  If you use pen-to-paper do you prefer specific pens and notebooks? If you're more of an
electronic writer do you have fonts/styles you prefer to type with? If so, what are they?

    Pen-to-paper came in handy when I wrote Race around the Sun. Had to write the idea down before I forgot it.
    So yes, I do have a notebook I use just for poems. As for pens, I prefer black. As for fonts, it depends on the mood I'm in.

    A bout of insomnia lead to my watch a PBS special on asteroids. The special lead to Race around the Sun.
    The poem lead to the riddle. It was fun to write.

8. You take inspiration for quite a few Drarry deviations. Have you ever written a fan-fiction?
With your idea Drarry and Quidditch do you intend to write the story - or is your hope that
a writer will read your ideas and create a full-fledged story from them?

Drarray and Quidditch (W.I.P.)

Drarry and Quidditch (W.I.P.)An act of desperation on the part of Draco Malfoy leads to a plea for help to one Harry Potter. (September of Year 5)
His answer, and the resulting consequences, surprise both of them. It is the beginning of something truly unexpected.
What began as a secret friendship between two seeming opposites blossoms into something more (over the length of year 5.) Crabbe and Goyle lose their place as Draco finds he no longer needs them. The strength his growing love for Harry gives him is more than enough to compensate.
His self-confidence is finally growing by leaps and bounds. He is emerging from his shell.
Needless to say, Narcissa is more-than-overjoyed with the transformation in him. She sees him becoming the young man she knew was always there struggling to get out.
Umbridge is more-than-surprised when he refuses her offer to join the Inquisitorial Squad. Draco was a member of the D.A. (He would have joined in fourth year but definitely not now.)
As Marietta never tells on Harry and the D

    Have I ever written a fan fiction? No! Do I have one or more fan fictions with me screaming to get out? Yes!

    As for Drarry and Quidditch, I started with the deviations and wrote down what they told me. It was as if they
    wouldn't shut up. I do have an idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it. It will just take time.

    So if anyone is inspired to write something, then by all means please do.

9. Do you find yourself "reading what you want to write?" If so, what books or poetry collections
have inspired the creation of the ideas and poetry you have posted?

    An interesting question. The ideas I've posted come from my love of the Harry Potter books. I've read them all.
    That is germ, for the ideas, came from. As for the poems, there were no specific poetry collections. They came from
    my life.

10. Do you prefer writing in Traditional or Free Verse poetry forms? Your poem  A Time of Joy captures
the meaning of Christmas.  Do you a specific tone, emotion or image you want the poem to convey?
Do you plan to work more on the piece, and if so where are you hoping the journey will end?

    As for poetry, and all the varied forms poems come in, I've only begun to explore. Its a journey I've only begun,
    a journey I'm enjoying. There's more than one way to tell a story & I plan to explore them all.
    So as for traditional vs. free verse, I do love poems that rhyme.

   As for A Time of Joy, its a work in progress. I know I can do more with it. Its only a question of when I'll be getting to it.

    As you can see there is much exploration to be had over at Leopold002's! It was a pleasure to get to know him
    and view his writing and art!

    If you have an recommendations for for artists please Comment below! you can even suggest yourself, as long as you
    give a good pitch! And if you or one of your recommendations was already featured: Sorry! I only feature you once!
    To see which deviants have been previously featured you can follow the links below!

    Reviews: End of the Month Feature 2012:

    Review: Top 10 Features 2012:

    deviantFeature Lookback 2013:

    You can find dA Weekly Issue 16: Blood Pain and Transformation here:

    Word Wednesday: ob scure [o b-skyoo r]:

    Keep Connected,

     ~ H-A-Cooke

    Fast Forward to: Double Featured Friday:  Pocket Stories and PhotographicPoetry:


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