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DeviantArt is a great platform for networking! I have created a Portfolio to isolate the work I think is strongest and to highlight my skills.

Which Drarry-Love deviation from Mature do you think is best (comment saying why)? 

3 deviants said Within Me Within Me by MicehellWDomination
No deviants said And…Cut
No deviants said Do You Want to Play Do you wanna play? by alex-malfoy




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United States
I am considering going into Hospitality/Food Service Management or Event Planning! Currently, I am a graduate of Augustana College with a Bachelors Degree in English Literature with a Creative Writing minor. I want to get a job in publishing

I also love music, the violin, reading, writing, collecting, sports, movies and television. I consider myself an amateur photographer and hope to flourish that skill as well as dapple in drawing!

To find me elsewhere follow the links below:




Anglophile's Journey: ananglophilesjourney.blogspot.…

The Mirror's Edge:

The Review Lounge:…




Hales Herald Issue 16 (31 January, 2015)

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 8:32 PM
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: - - - -
  • Reading: The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith
  • Watching: X-Files SE01
  • Playing: Dragon Age Origins
  • Eating: - - - -
  • Drinking: Sangria
Aloha Friends, Deviants and Watchers+!

It's been about two weeks since last I updated!  Here I am! Does anybody know where I can get a copy of Photoshop? Or if it's worth anything to download GIMP?




A goal of mine is to re-create and upload  my best art from the past while learning new skills.  This includes previous uploads of cosplay photographs (with the intention of recreating them with updates), brushing up photographs to present a cleaner version of them, and rewriting  old stories and writing news ones.

Then, I'll pattern the re-uploads so it's not overwhelming.


:bulletpurple: 365 Days of  Deviations

I've fallen behind. It's become difficult to create and post things every day. And now that I'm playing catch-up. Here's the update so far:

Catyclismic (1/9/2015)   
    Transparency provided a prism,
    a rainbow of emotion - traced
    between hairline fissures just
    the surface
    of my glass heart.
    Your hands were medic-steady -
    the blow torch reflecting your
    vow: to fix damages wrought
    before your arrival.
    I should have known the
    darkness of my core is
    an event horizon
    And our attempt at love
    would end iwth my piecing together
    my shattered heart.
     Overdue Release (1/10/2015)      We danced in graveyards
      the dirt of our forefathers between our toes;
      prospecting for spirit-meets - reading the
      names and dates on headstones.
      Our vigil marches lit by moonlight-candles
      Faith exhilarating our resolve to
      forge a summon circle at twilight,
      Veils thinned with clarity - lies
      detectable for brief moments.
      All words, spoken beneath blankets
      of stars, secrets shared with
      transparent confidence.
      Before visages faded
      at Withing Hour's close,
      dew danced on bare skin.
      At predawn we sneaked back
      through windows
      Fiening sleep
     Soulgem (1/11/2015)       
        My heart is not cold
        yet I find myself frozen
        in repeating patterns I
        have no willingly chosen
        I give all I have
        of my old soul and young heart
        to those whose insecurities
        seem to tear me apart
        They say I cannot give time
        a day has only twenty-four
        I won't give up my friends
        so someone can be secure
       Yet for sticking to my guns
        my reflection is unknown
        I'm told I need to sacrifice
        in order to find love

Dear Wayward Traveler, (1/12/2015) Cold nights linger beneath
 Orange canopies, high up
 On tree's branches monkeys
 Ransack stored of brightly colored berries.
 Desperately I've learned to
 Investigate tracks, sens smoke signals -
 Not without lingering hope do I
 Amble the coastline, wrapped in
 Threadbare furs, my coconut a confidant for
 Erie memories of love.
 Silence broken my water's lapping.
  Untitled Song (1/13/2015)  
But I'm tried of fighting, kicking and screaming/ 
    as you walk away, I'm standing up and saying/
    This who I am/ even if you leave me/
    I still love myself/
        Verse 1
I'm trapped in a daydream, hitting shattered glass/
   My reflection showing you the fragile girl inside/
   I just want to feel safe/ know you're always there for me/
        Verse 2
The road stretches on, always leading back home/
    in the silence of my room/
    I tell my walls what you mean to me/
    That I'll never let you go/
        Verse 3
Even when I see you on the street/
    I still want to know you're okay/
    Cause the sun rsies and no matter the word t
    WT: Eight Ball (1/14/2015) VERSE 1
    My eyes are windows/I let you in my soul/
    I soared, your words filling my heart with hollowed hope/
    When times were better than expected, our carcinogen love fueled me, made me whole/
     I felt like a treasure/ I believed you were my own.
    Fortune says "there's someone for me"/
    In the silence I consider being alone/

       The deeper you dig, babe/ the harder it gets to break down walls/
       But   I'm a Phoenix in reverse/ you're love an aphrodisiac igniting from the inside out/
      lungs burnt from broken promises/I'm more than pieces you can rearrange/
      my pasts a collective pile of ash/ I'll rise on red-gold wings able to believe in me/
You were like coming home

Sunlight and Periwinlke - Scene 04-1 (1/15/2015)  
   Connor skid to a halt in the kitchen, grasping his cell phone in damp hands. The towel around his waist shifted when he rubbed his hands dry.   "H-hello?" he gasped. He fully expected a police officer to tell him his parents' plane crashed.
    "Finally!"  a familiar voice snapped. "Where were you?"
    "Samantha?" Conner stammered. Her anger threw him off-guard. "What's going on? Why-?"
    "It's no matter where you were," Samantha continued, ignoring his questions. "I need you to check on Rhys."
    Conner felt his nerves twist. He hadn't spoken to his previous...friend in a year. Not since... "I'm not sure that's a good -"
    "He's across the street," Samantha said. "If you don't, who will?"
    Several names came to mind. "Ian."
    "Left the group after he was harrassed for 'protecting a she-male.'" Sam hissed.
    Conner winced. "Casey." He suggested. "She-"
   Sunlight and Periwinkle: Secene 04-2 (1/16/2015)   
    Conner skid to a halt by the kitchen counter, struggling to button his jeans. Wiping his hands dry he grasped him phone, answering with a swipe of his finger.  "H-hello?" he said, half expecting a police officer to report his parents' plane crashed.
    "Finally!" a familiar voice snapped. "Where were you?"
    "M-morning run," he answered. "Samantha what's going on? Why-?"
    "Check on Rhys," she commanded. Her acid tone took his aback.
    "I don't think..," he began, briefly remembering the fight two years ago, "that a good -"
    Sam interrupted again. "Look, he hasn't answered his cell in a week, okay?"
    Conner rolled his eyes. "Call Mike, or you know, the Pemberly's have a home phone."
    A smack echoed through the receiver. "Damn it, just walk across the damn street!"
    Nerves twisted his gut. Conner closed his eyes. "What about Ian? He was boarding-"
   Sunlight and Periwinkle: Scene 04-03 (1/17/2015)   
    Conner skid to a halt, grasping the side of the kitchen table. It took a second for him to grip his cell phone. "H-hello?" he gasped, half expecting to hear a police officer reporting his parents' plane crashed.
    "Where have you been?" a familiar voice snapped. The anger took Conner aback.
    "I was-" he began, flinching at his friend's harsh tone.
    "It doesn't matter,"  she snapped. "Go check on Rhys."
    The mention of his previous...friend...set his nerves twisting. Conner hadn't spoken to Rach - Rhys (his conscious reminded him) - in two years.  "Sam that isn't the best idea." Conner paused in the hallway between foyer and kitchen, unaware he had started pacing. "Just call his brother Mike-"
    "Can't," Sam interrupted. "House phone's disconnected. Sides Mike went on the damn cruise."
    The acid in her tone make Conner wonder...He shook his head. "Then call his...Rhys'," he


:bulletred: Arch PC Background:   A request for Esondreakia!  Her hypogriff  pet in a fan-fiction I first entitled Traces.   I intend to draw to the best of my ability and to seek help from a few talented art friends of mind to get the full background finished. 

:bulletred:  Re-Write: Nothing's Changed: A Severus/Lily fanficiton request for UniqueAngel5!  My intention is to polish the story and post it in PDF form.

:bulletred: Scenes for 'Sunlight and Periwinkle':  I am writing an original story, which will be posted under Mature, that features a trans-man and gay main characters. I'm both excited and apprehensive about sharing the journey of SAP with you.


I hope to create have some updates for you next week! Please keep an eye on the journal series I've been posing.  If you missed Friday you can find a link below.

DFF; TheWrittenRevolution and ProjectDFC:

Stay Tuned!

~ H-A-Cooke

End of the Month Feature: The Fire Inside:


Hales' Thoughts: Storytellers of the Future:


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I am the Founder of one group and Co-Founder of many. Many of the groups I am in give Point Prizes for the contest winners. In order to help out my fellows, and still be able to use points I bought for myself, I need a hand!

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