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Which Drarry-Love deviation form Fan Fic - One Shots do you think is best (comment saying why)? 

2 deviants said Bake Sale
No deviants said Harry's Geisha
No deviants said Forever, More or Less
No deviants said What You and I Want What You And I WantSometimes Harry was sure he needed a rememberall just to get through the day.
It's not like he's forgetful or anything it's just that there's so much he has to do all the time that it's hard to keep track of everything... and sometimes he wishes that Voldemort had killed him just so that Harry doesn't have to deal with all these press meetings, law suits, interviews, and book signings. It's not like he wanted any of this and yet the world keeps thrusting it onto his shoulders so sometimes... Harry forgets.
He forgets everything for a day or two just to have a normal fun life and then has Hermione or Ron come find him and say the one word that will bring it all back. Rememberall. It's nice to have those breaks, even though they all have consequences and not always the kind that he can just work through with another memory charm and a nervous smile.
That's because this is the second time Draco Malfoy has taken Harry on a date.
It's weird, every time that Harry forces himself to lose all
No deviants said The Quidditch Casanova
No deviants said An Infinity of Me
No deviants said A Cat Left Alone
No deviants said Drarry Omegle Conversation Drarry Omegle Convo!You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like harry potter.
Stranger: Indeed
You: Are you the heir???
Stranger: Possibly, He lived a thousand years ago so there is no way
to know for sure.
You: I'm feeling more like
50, but eh, no one's judging you. I THINK ITS HARRY POTTER!
Stranger: Salazar Slytherin lived over a thousand years ago. The
last time the Chamber was opened the child was possessed.
You: damn. I praise you.
Stranger: You should.
You: *bows* My apologies.
Stranger: Accepted
You: Still though, if it's
been opened now, who do you think opened it?
Stranger: I don't think, I know but
No deviants said The shrieking Shack - One shot The shrieking Shack- One shot.Pairing: Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy
Rating: T
Word count: 696.
Summary: Harry's been watching the blonde but how long can his patience last?
Harry watched him, he was fairly certain this had become an obsession but Harry could hardly care. Draco was beautiful, how could he not watch? He would make up little white lies if anyone asked though, like saying he was going for a walk to clear his mind or saying he just needed some air. Of course he could never tell anyone, what you think people would respond well to the fact that the savior of the wizarding world had a crush on the poster boy of the dark side or the war? Even though Harry had his invisibility cloak on he still felt conscious about watching Malfoy outside of Hogwarts but damn! Seeing Draco in his tight black jeans, fur jacket and cute furry hat surrounded by pure white snow was definitely worth the risk. It was a good job that Harry had never told anyone about his cloak, even Ron and Hermione. He had almost told them multiple
No deviants said Cleaning Up the Wreckage




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I also love music, the violin, reading, writing, collecting, sports, movies and television. I consider myself an amateur photographer and hope to flourish that skill as well as dapple in drawing!

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Word Wednesday: ob scure [o b-skyoo r]

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 10:32 AM

Friends, Deviants and Watchers+!


Welcome back to Word Wednesdays! I look forward to seeing you comment with your favorite word! I will
feature it, within my ability, as the next word! 


The point of this is to help you expand you vocabulary. Help me expand mine! And to see the work, use in a prompt,
and so consume the word! If you are inspired to create a story or poem using the word please provide a link to your
deviation or copy/paste your work in the comments!


Sources used for definitions, antonyms and synonyms are:


:bulletgreen: (in normal font)

:bulletgreen: World English Dictionary Online (in bold font)




Today’s word speaks to the science-fiction and fantasy lovers, as well as people who love discovering new
things:   Obscure.  


    1.      Not clear of plain; ambiguous, vague, or uncertain: and obscure sentence in the contract.
Unclear or obtuse.

2.  Not clear to understanding; hard to perceive: obscure motivations. Indistinct, vague, indefinite.

3. Not expressing the meaning clearly or plainly. Inconspicuous; unimportant; remote.

4.  Linguistically: reduced to or transformed to a neutral vowel.

5.  Gloomy; dark; clouded; dim.




  1. To conceal by confusing: the meaning of the poem was obscure. To make unclear, vague or hidden.

2. To make dark, dim, indistinct. To cover or cloud over.

3. To reduce or neutralize (a vowel) to the sound usually represented by a schwa  (Ə).



:bulletorange: Obscurity (Noun)



:bulletpurple: Deep

:bulletpurple: Arcane

:bulletpurple: Complicated

:bulletpurple: Confusing

:bulletpurple: Enigmatic

:bulletpurple: Esoteric

:bulletpurple: Mysterious  

:bulletpurple: Doubtful

:bulletpurple: Concealed

:bulletpurple: Impenetrable

:bulletpurple: Far-Out

:bulletpurple: Involved

:bulletpurple: Occult

:bulletpurple: Hazy

:bulletpurple: Illegible

:bulletpurple: Illogical

:bulletpurple: Incomprehensible

:bulletpurple: Inconceivable

:bulletpurple: Indecisive

:bulletpurple: Indistinct

:bulletpurple: Inexplicable

:bulletpurple: Insoluble

:bulletpurple: Opaque

:bulletpurple: Recondite

 :bulletpurple: Unclear

:bulletpurple: Undefined

 :bulletpurple: Unfathomable




:bulletred: Clear

:bulletred: Common

:bulletred: Definite

:bulletred: Known

:bulletred: Obvious

:bulletred: Plain

:bulletred: Public

:bulletred:  Straightforward

:bulletred: Un-Mysterious

:bulletred: Bare

:bulletred: Exposed

:bulletred: Open

:bulletred: Uncovered

:bulletred: Apparent

:bulletred: Bright

:bulletred: Distinguished

:bulletred: Explicit

:bulletred: Famous

:bulletred: Perceptible

:bulletred: Understood

:bulletred: Visible



Quick Sample

Willem was happy to discover that Emma enjoyed creating detailed buildings out of matchsticks, something Willem’s parents disapproved of due to its obscure nature.  


You can find Technique Tuesday: Commas In Prose Rules 4-6 here:

Keep on learning!

~ H-A-Cooke

Fast Forward to: dA Weekly Issue 16: Blood Pain and Transofrmation:


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